Red Camo Splatter T-shirt (Gender Neutral)

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The Slow AF Run Club Camo Drop is finally here!

FINALLY, a shirt to show the world that you are EMPOWERED and help you flex your back of the pack pride! 'Cause you may not be fast as Eliud Kipchoge,  Desi Linden or Peres Jepchirchir, but you are faster than anyone sitting on the couch! A 90% polyester, 10% spandex shirt with moisture-wicking technology, it’s soft enough to sleep in yet light enough to run in.

Let's talk about sizing: here's some info to help you decide which size is for you. If you checked the sizing chart but need more info, we've got you.

• This is a gender neutral/unisex fit. Meaning it's a bit boxy BUT it doesn't flare out like a tent when it get to the larger sizes like other brands do.
• Since it's 10% spandex, this shirt has a bit of stretchiness to it.
• This shirt runs an inch or two longer than a traditional shirt. That way you can raise your hands over your head and your belly won't show, and you can comfortably bend over without your butt crack saying hello to the world. (You're welcome!)
• Fourth, be sure to check picture to how different sizes fit on our models.

Slow Af Run Club T-shirt Size Chart